10 Questions Your Homepage Should Answer (So Your Visitors Don't Even Have to Ask Them)

Martyn Talbot

Published Fri 25 Apr by Martyn Talbot in Perfecting Your Website's Design

Ensure users landing on your site for the first time can find what they need... quick !

1. Am I in the Right Place?

Your logo, tag-lines and main image should welcome and anchor those who land on your home-page and assure them yours is the site they want. Your home-page should be like a kindly butler, ushering in your visitors with style, ease and reassurance.

2. Where Now?

Your visitors won’t get beyond your home-page if your navigation tools are not up to scratch. Make sure calls to action and links are clear and well-structured.

3. Who Are You?

No one wants to be bombarded with a lecture on your company founder’s CV, family history and shoe size, but a simple, friendly and direct heads-up about who you are and what your company does is essential. And as well as who you are, make it clear what you’re offering.

An introductory video on your home page is a great way of telling people who you are, and more to the point, how you can help them. Make sure your language, from the outset, is benefits-based. Use the words ‘you’ and ‘your’ rather than ‘we’ or ‘our.’

4. How Long Have You Been Around?

Again, no need to go into detail on the home-page, but mention how long you’ve been around (this might be in your tag-line or logo). Human psychology dictates that people are more likely to trust you if you’ve already been trusted by others.

5. How Do I Know Your Products/Services Are Any Good?

Show not tell is the key to this one. Today’s consumers are too savvy to fall for direct sales talk. Use customer reviews or testimonials to offer an objective insight into how you operate.

6. Can I Afford Your Product/Services?

Masking your pricing details with a smoke and mirrors approach will not fool them and won’t help you. Give clear prices and terms so they know upfront what they’re dealing with. If your prices are bespoke, and generated on an individual basis, make that clear. Make it easy for people to get in touch with you to discuss their specific needs.

7. How Can I Learn More about Your Services/Company?

Give visitors the option of digging deeper and reading more details about your company and the services you offer. Including an ‘About Us’ or ‘Meet the team’ section and one dedicated to ‘Services’ will keep them onside (and online).

8. How Do I Contact You?

Visitors will be put off immediately if you don’t clearly signpost your contact details, including a landline number and postal address. Highlighting your premises on a map goes one step further to directing traffic straight to your door.

9. When Can I Contact You?

Be generous with your contact options. State your office hours, but for those who are browsing out of hours and want to contact you immediately, include a ‘Contact’ form which will enable them to send an enquiry or specific question. Otherwise, they will go away and forget about you.

10. What Do I Need to Do Now?

Guide visitors to a clear call to action, otherwise they will feel frustrated and as though they have wasted their time. Be clear what action you want them to take and make it easy for them to follow through with it: whether it’s: Calling you, sending an enquiry, signing up for a newsletter or special offer, or making a purchase.

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2 Comments on 10 Questions Your Homepage Should Answer (So Your Visitors Don't Even Have to Ask Them)

  • Left at 13:51 Paul Bullock

    Answering all the above questions is important on a home page but presenting them clearly with design in mind is something else. We have an article coming out on this soon. Watch this space...

  • Left at 17:44 Jeanette Helen Wilson

    Good one, Martyn. It's a good habit to get into, to always think of your customers / potential customers when designing your website. Anticipating their questions and pre-empting their needs is good practice. Clear calls to action and transparent information are both essential. The latter can really help to build up a customer's trust in you. And this means they're more likely to come back for more, and to recommend you to others too.

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