10 Things Your Clients Want from Your Email Newsletter

Paul Bullock

Published Tue 24 Jun by Paul Bullock in Marketing More Effectively

Get your email newsletters right and target your audience effectively, driving traffic to your website more often

With a great Return On Investment, the traditional email newsletter still delivers....

But how can you make sure you’re getting it right? And what do your customers really want from your company newsletter?

1. Reassurance

To get people to sign up/subscribe to your newsletter, you have to give them your word that you won’t pass on/sell their email address to other companies.

2. Exclusivity

By promising (and delivering) exclusive offers to those who subscribe, you’re making those who sign up feel they’re part of an inner circle. That feeling of belonging satisfies a primal instinct in us all.

3. Honesty

Lay it on the line when it comes to what you’re actually going to deliver. If you promise exclusive offers at sign-up, you must honour it. If realistically you’re only going to get two newsletters out per year, don’t say it’s a monthly publication.

4. Simplicity

Don’t ask for personal info such as home address or date of birth at sign-up. Not only is it more time-consuming, but people are generally (and understandably, especially at this stage) reluctant to give out a whole raft of their personal details. Keep it simple and just ask for an email address and their name. You're more likely to get more takers this way.

5. Timeliness

Keep the articles and offers up to date and send it out bang on schedule. What’s the point of sending out offers on the 29th that will expire on the 30th? Frustrated customers ahoy!

6. Clear Benefits

Give out special offers, money-off vouchers or access to free advice workshops. Pack it with well-written, customer-focused articles.

7. Brevity

With users spending a measly 51 seconds reading an emailed newsletter, make it as snappy as a crocodile sandwich. Word count=low, useful content=high. Use boxed tips, short flash stories, lists and bullet points to aid scan-reading. Make calls to action clear and easy to follow through.

8. Personality

A newsletter is the perfect medium to convey the human side of your company. Showcase employees, creating visual links in your customers’ minds using good quality photographs. Make the tone light and conversational but still authoritative.

9. Regularity

Deliver on time, at the same time of the day and same day of the week. All in all, people like routine. Pavlov them up to anticipate your newsletter on the first Tuesday of every month. (BTW, Tuesday morning is the optimal time to send out an email newsletter- avoiding Monday morning stress/competition and Friday afternoon laziness)

10. Small is Beautiful

Don’t load up your newsletter with rich media such as videos or large images. Chances are it won’t load properly on many email browsers and your recipients will find it annoying and frustrating. Keep it simple. The smaller the better. Substance over style.

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Next Tuesday, Martyn will explain in his follow-up article No news is bad news: Email newsletter campaigns and how they can work for you how you can increase your return on investment and get customers hooked on your content!

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  • Left at 12:53 Jeanette Helen Wilson

    Newsletters are a great way of maintaining a personal connection with your customers, but I agree, keep it simple! There are some good free newsletter campaigns such as Mailchimp, where you can choose a pre-designed template or design your own. You can add images and links to articles that are on your website, which will drive traffic to your website and keep people reading and commenting on your content!

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