5 Reasons Why Being a Do-Gooder Can Help Your SEO

Martin Hansen-Lennox

Published Mon 26 May by Martin Hansen-Lennox in Recommended Articles and Marketing More Effectively

This article shows you how understanding your customers' needs on and off-line can help your website prosper in search engines and in the minds of your target audience

1. Be Sociable

Gone are the days of aggressive, distant marketing. It’s totally off-trend now for companies to appear faceless and impersonal. People are more likely to do business with you/ link to your website/share your blog posts if they feel a connection with your and your team. Engage your audience on social media platforms, and do it with genuine intent. Ask and answer questions and provide solutions

2. Be Nice

It’s simple enough, so why do so many businesses get it wrong? It’s harder to get across niceties online, but you can do this in subtle ways on your website. Introduce your team using photographs (open smiles not scary mugshots!), add gentle humour to your content, be inclusive and don’t criticise your competitors. Sit back and watch the social media shares and the links rolling in...

3. Collaborate

In your blog posts, articles and your social media posts, offer advice and be an expert in your field, but also ask for feedback from your audience/followers. Get to know them and include them in your next product launch: let them know you’re listening and responding to their needs

4. Do Good

In the modern world it’s sometimes easy to believe that the spirit of altruism has well and truly gone out of the window (is it even in the dictionary any more, or has it been replaced by ‘Me, me...ME!’?). So when we find it, it’s truly heart-warming and it kind of stands out. Be good and do good, just because it’s good. Ok, so in the end we want our business to do well, but if you hang on to the spirit of ‘If our customers are happy, we’re happy,’ you can’t go far wrong.

5. Give, Give and... Give

Some things don’t cost anything to give away... So why not just do it? A team fund-raising event for charity, an e-book sent free to your valued, loyal customers, some advice over the ‘phone. Slowly and steadily people will spread the word that you’re good eggs, and they’ll think of you first when they need a product or service like yours!

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