How to Deliver a Winning Email Newsletter

Martin Hansen-Lennox

Published Mon 06 Feb by Martin Hansen-Lennox in Creating Better Content and Marketing More Effectively

Learn how to maximise customer engagement and encourage sales with a regular e-newsletter.

  1. Think Benefits: Every newsletter should deliver benefits to your targeted customer base.
  2. Reassurance: give customers your promise you won’t pass on their details to other companies. Build their trust from the beginning.
  3. Exclusivity: Give exclusive offers just to customers who sign up: make them feel a part of something special.
  4. Honesty: If you’re promising exclusive offers at sign-up, honour it.
  5. Simplicity: Don’t ask customers to give you all their personal details at sign-up: just their name and email address will do. Earn their trust before you ask for more.
  6. Timeliness: Keep offers up to date, send them out on time.
  7. Clear Benefits: Pack your newsletter with customer-focused articles. Offer money-off vouchers or access to face to face consultations.
  8. Brevity: Customers spend an average of just 51 seconds reading an email newsletter, so make it short and easy to read. Box-in top tips, use lists and bullet points, and make calls to action big and bold.
  9. Personality: Add photos of you and your staff so customers click with you.
  10. Regularity: Keep a routine so customers know when to expect your newsletter.
  11. Small is Beautiful: Don’t overload your newsletter with rich media such as video or large images, which slow connections and could frustrate users. But do add images which relate to what you're offering, to aid scan reading and get customers engaging with your band your products.

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