No News is Bad News: Email Newsletter Campaigns and How they Can Work for You

Martyn Talbot

Published Tue 01 Jul by Martyn Talbot in Marketing More Effectively

This article explains how sending out regular email newsletters can benefit you and your business by helping to forge life-long customers

1. It's as Cheap as Chips

Copywriter fees aside (do get one... a badly-written newsletter will damage your reputation), compiling and emailing a newsletter out to your customers is a bargain when you consider the high ROI (return on investment) it boomerangs back to you and your company.

2. The Technology Required is Minimal

There is a wealth of free templates online to help you input your news and articles without having to be a web-page wizard.

3. Develops Lasting Relationships

Your clients have visited your website for information (and perhaps to make a purchase). A follow-up newsletter will keep them on your wavelength and in the loop. Single them out to receive offers and discounts and it will make your clients feel like part of the family/community. We are suckers for that feeling of being part of an ‘exclusive’ club!

Once you've managed to hook your customers' interest and they feel a part of what's going on, party to exclusive offers and promotions, their loyalty is likely to grow. Any time they need a product or service like yours, it's you they're going to think of first because you're in their mind.

Customers for life are the 20% of people who make up 80% of your revenue (Derek Halpern)

4. Helps to Create/Maintain Your Company's Presence and Personality alongside Your Website

A newsletter is something that can run alongside your website and helps develop and maintain the feeling in your clients that they ‘know’ you and your company. You should address it directly to them, using their first name. Make it conversational but maintain your professionalism. This will help you build up your reputation as an expert/an authority in your field, but also someone who is approachable and friendly.

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  • Left at 12:59 Paul Bullock

    A great resource that does everything from creating your newsletter to sending out the mail shoot to everyone required is mail chimp. It's available here is easy to use and best of all it's free!  

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