I am running my own business and want to start a blog but where do I start?

  • at 16:19 Ben Gilbert

    My business is just in its planning stages at the moment; I am a graphic designer so a website is going to be one of the only ways I can target potential clients and convince them to hire me. I've heard that having a blog can help get your website up in Google is this true?

  • at 20:41 Martin Hansen-Lennox

    In the first instance I would recommend setting up a blogging account with a free platform like Blogger or WordPress

    As you're asking this question I'm guessing you haven't done much blogging before so you use these free accounts to test the water. 

    If blogging proves a profitable platform for you, you could consider getting a system installed on your website, as that's proven to increase conversions.  Or if you're having a new website built, you could use the WordPresss platform as the basis for your website.  

  • at 20:44 Martin Hansen-Lennox

    And yes it probably will help with Google - provided the blog is of sufficient quality, and you post consistently.  

    You'll get the most benefit by having the blog on your actual website, but if you're using a free platform initially, make sure that there is a link to your website prominently on every page. 

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