is it worth me investing in a multilingual website?

  • at 16:33 Abacus123

    I've asked my deb developer if it's worth me investing in a multilingual website to target clients overseas. He seemed to know little about it but basically told me most browsers like google can translate websites into most languages and that I'd be wasting my money. Is this true?

  • at 16:56 Jeanette Helen Wilson

    Hello abacus.... well the answer to your question is yes... and no! As with many things in the web world this is a matter of opinion. While I would agree that browsers can translate the text of your site into different languages, the quality of these translations can be questionable. If it is important to you to have control over how your content is perceived and received by potential clients around the world, I would always advise investing some time and do some research into how to get your content translated by a professional. There are also other considerations when it comes to designing websites that are multilingual. Some languages, such as German and Italian, actually take up more space than others such as Japanese and Hebrew. So the amount of space you need to designate on your web pages may vary according to the language used, as will the size of, say, search boxes. If your target audience speaks in a language that reads typically from right to left, such as Arabic or Hebrew, your whole design may be changed so it appears as a mirror image. This will make the website appear more user-friendly and familiar for your target audience. In studies, it has been proven that visitors to a website are more likely to stay on it and more likely to engage and buy something if they are addressed appropriately in their mother tongue. Hope I have given you some food for thought! Don't hesitate to get back in touch if you have further questions!

  • at 20:34 Martin Hansen-Lennox

    If you have a target country in mind it could be worth it. Google Translate is impressive, but it's translations are far from perfect. 

    However it can be quite a costly feature - so consider just how much extra revenue you expect customers speaking this language to bring. 

  • at 11:00 David Walton

    The process to activate multilingual component is basic and you just need to advise the group of do my dissertation for me and get the multilingual feature activated. When the component is enacted, you can pick the coveted dialects from your dashboard and have multilingual pages on your site.

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