should you keep repeating key words in your web content?

  • at 16:13 samantha culshaw-robinson

  • at 16:47 Jeanette Helen Wilson

    Hi Sam, thanks for your question. This is a tricky one because of course we would always advise website owners and writers to use keywords whenever they can. As you probably already know, keywords help align your target audience's search terms in Google and other search engines with your content. Having no keywords in your content therefore means that it is harder for your products and services to be found by your target audience. However, overuse of keywords, also known as 'keyword stuffing,' can be bad for your SEO ultimately. If Google or other search engines suspect that you are placing keywords in your content in a way that is unnatural, they may penalise you for it and the ranking of your website may hit rock bottom. Any legitimate use of keywords is great. For example, if one of your keywords is 'relaxation,' this can be used in a variety of ways in an article such as 'Tips for relaxation at the end of a stressful day.' Note that variations of the keyword can also be used, such as 'relax' or 'relaxing.' However, if you keep putting this keyword into places where it's not relevant, this is not good for user experience. This is because what they have searched for (the query they want addressing) will not be fulfilled by the article that the search term throws up. 

    I hope this makes sense! Any further queries please keep in touch!


  • at 13:11 Martin Hansen-Lennox

    Hi Sam, 

    As Jeanette says, keyword stuffing is frowned upon and tends to degrade the user experience. However we would recommend a page targeting a particular keyword to have the keyword at least once in: 

    • The main visible page title (<h1> tag)
    • The <title> metatag (near the beginning if possible)
    • A sub heading (<h2> tag) in the main page content

    It might also help to include the keyword in bulleted lists, italic tags <em> and scattered throughout the text on the page where appropriate (but avoid unnatural stuffing).

  • at 15:46 samantha culshaw-robinson

    Thanks for your wise words both :)

  • at 12:06 Jeanette Helen Wilson

    No problem! Hope it all helps!

  • at 10:31 Hector Price

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  • at 08:33 Mary elbert

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