How easy is it to build a blog that links to Twitter and LinkedIn?

  • at 10:08 Andrew Harvey

    I often want to write or comment on news. I find Twitter too short so want the ability to write a blog that can automatically be sent via Twitter and LinkedIn

  • at 16:54 Jeanette Helen Wilson

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for your question!

    A blog is a great way of getting links in to your website, and it really comes into its own when aligned with social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Most blogs that are built have the capability of linking up to your social media platforms, and certainly this is something we offer to our clients. Having your blog linked to your social media platforms is a great way of driving traffic to your blog. On Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, you can insert links to your posts that send people straight to a blog post that is relevant. Most platforms even display any images you have that accompany your blog posts - it's great advertising for free! 

    As to how easy it is to build a blog that has this capacity, this is certainly something we can do. To do it yourself would probably require some web development skill. Any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch again!

    I hope this has gone some way to answering your question,

    Thanks again,


  • at 13:05 Martin Hansen-Lennox

    Hi Andrew,

    Do you want your blog posts to be automatically fed to Twitter when you post them?

    If your blog runs on WordPress, there are a variety of plugins you can install to automatically tweet your blog articles such as “WP to Twitter,” “Leenk.Me,” and “Tweetable.”

    There is also a 3rd party service called Twitterfeed that can be set up for pretty much any blog platform.

    If you post a link to your blog here, we can have a look at what might be applicable to your own setup. 


  • at 15:31 Kevin Wilson

    It appears that new social networks turn out each month. There are big social networks and specialty social networks. There are huge amounts of chances for you to advance you blog pay someone to do your assignment on each one of the social networks, however for the vast majority it's not sensible to attempt to utilize them all.

  • at 14:33 Francesca Molly

    The above is the thing that the pencil looked like in the old LinkedIn UI. If it's not too much trouble see an updated picture underneath, Do My Homework | in which "Compose an article" contains the connection which will enable you to blog on LinkedIn.

  • at 21:38 sujemoxu 11

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  • at 19:26 Codi man

  • at 05:26 Samantha Hayter

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  • at 09:00 Adilah Bisar

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