Why do 24 hour shops have locks on their doors?

  • at 16:33 Davy Johnston

  • at 13:41 Martin Hansen-Lennox

  • at 14:09 Paul Bullock

    For christmas day perhaps?

  • at 14:16 issia cristian

    during taking a shot at a subject, for example, shopping my program bolts up at the page I am chipping away at and the main way t0 open it is to restart my PC which implies that I need to begin my shopping once again again.other individuals have said this problem.This happen for the most part each day. 

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  • at 14:16 Skylar martin

    every business has to have locks in this day and time,because people can not be trusted.if the  do my essay for me  breaks your door i would think it was for a very good reason.they would fix your door ,but that is probably the least of your worries at that point. 

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