do you change your approach to sep according to the ever-changing attitudes of google?

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  • at 13:37 Martin Hansen-Lennox

    Google can be  pretty opaque and it's not always easy to follow their 'instructions' even when they're made clear. 

    We take the attitude that it's better to align a site with higher level Google goals.

    Google wants to show quality, relevant sites in it's search results. The only way it can continue to be The Search King is to help it's users find the sites they are actually looking for. One of the key factors in doing this is to filter out irrelevant, spammy results. 

    So whatever you can do to help your website meet that criterion will be beneficial for SEO in the long term, regardless of the algorithm tweaks Google make that month.

    So for example we try to ensure that sites are clear, user-friendly, customer focused, full of relevant information, fast loading and so on. 

    While pages and website areas can still target specific keywords, this should fit in as part of that larger strategy. 

  • at 14:07 Paul Bullock

    SEO is a constantly changing. What worked one year, even one month ago may not work this month / year. Search engines like to keep us guessing and knowing what they want is best done by using continual research.

    With SEO every company has to continually update its strategy both long term and short term to stay ahead of the game.

    It's worth knowing what to avoid when it comes to SEO just as much as knowing what to do. For instance no matter how tempting avoid using duplicate content. Keyword stuffing is another no no as well as posting links on blogs to your own website. These techniques are know as "black hatting" and will get your website penalised by search engines.

    We have an article coming out next month on how to keep up to date with SEO techniques that will go into depth about this so watch this space for more info. 

    We also have a free seminar on SEO at the beginning of next month. Follow this link for more info


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    It is nearly a truism that the needs and wants of the consumer are the critical issues today in creating new products and services, and developing the accompanying plans to merchandise them at a profit. But this trend—the first on my list—is still in process of evolution. The need to understand and anticipate future customers is bound to become even more essential than in the past, because the end users of almost every company’s products are shifting in makeup, location, and number at an ever-increasing rate.

    The significance of this to senior marketing executives is twofold: First, they cannot—indeed, they must not—assume that yesterday’s customers will be available tomorrow. Second, they had better be certain that they have adequate sources of market information. Unless they can keep up with what is happening to their markets, the whole company’s selling effort may ultimately be directed at the wrong people with the wrong products and at the wrong time. This is what a marketing vice president I know meant when he said, “My company’s sales output can’t be any better than my intelligence input.”

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