Company Portals / Data Management

Managing company data to boost productivity and streamline business processes

What is a Company Portal?

Essentially a company portal provides a way for your managers / employees / clients to login and interact with your website / database.

A well designed database and web portal can efficiently manage everything from products, premises and staff to occasions and events. For example:

  • Log enquiries and manage sales leads
  • Manage sales, orders and delivery
  • Customer relationship management
  • Allow and restrict access to website areas based on user 'roles'
  • Manage staff hours, holidays and payments
  • Allow staff to manage business processes online

How Will a Company Portal Benefit My Company?

Essentially a company portal is a tool to increase efficiency - making your life easier and saving your company time and money. 

Because each portal is designed and built around a particular company's requirements, specific benefits can be hard to quantify to outsiders. Nevertheless, for our clients they have typically included:

  • Avoiding duplication of work
  • Efficiently managing enquiries, orders and client flow
  • Keeping information organised, searchable and in a central location 
  • Using data to analyse clients or customers
  • Using data to cross-sell or up-sell based on the above

All these ultimately deliver your company an efficiently managed workflow, more productive staff and a user-friendly system that is cost effective to administer


We Develop Portals to Manage Workflow, Clients, Staffing and More... 

Our full service can help you define clear, achievable goals for your web properties and implement steps to make these a reality, for example:

  • Management of integration with social platforms like Facebook and Twitter
  • Sales / company portals for efficient management of promotions, operations and staff
  • Content management systems tailored to your skill level / company's requirements
  • Web Applications to manage recruitment platforms
  • Web Applications to manage membership and social platforms
  • Collaboration suites (e.g. team pages)
  • Integration with 3rd party platforms and APIs (for data transfer between websites - e.g. online payment integrations, getting the latest currency rates, posting jobs to multiple recruitment sites)

Portal design is only available as a complete service. Due to the complexity and level of customisation involved, we rarely find it cost effective to manage, update or further develop existing portals and systems. 

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