Sales Driven E-commerce

Fine tuning your e-commerce store to maximise visitors, sales and profitability

What is Sales Driven E-commerce?

Online shopping is big business and counts for a large part of overall retail expenditure in the UK. Once a customer has landed on your site, ensuring that they can easily find the specific product they are searching for and are guided smoothly through the purchase process is not always as simple as it may first appear. Welcome to e-commerce!

A key goal of an e-commerce website is simply to prevent your customers becoming frustrated or distracted. Your e-commerce site should always be moving them forward; the back button is not your friend.

E-commerce is not about bells, whistles and features on a website. As in most other lines of business, perhaps more so, customer relations are vital. 

How Will My Company Benefit from a Sales Driven Approach to E-commerce?

A sales driven approach has obvious benefits such as increased 'footfall', a higher conversion rate and increased value per purchase. 

But the sales driven approach can also amplify the existing benefits of e-commerce to merchants. For example: 

  • Overcoming geographical limitations - your products are available to all at the click of a mouse.
  • Lowering cost of sale
  • Reducing barriers to purchase
  • Creating distinct browsing paths to engage with different sections of your target market
  • Effectively targeting promotions based on individuals' past behaviour
  • Enabling instant changes to pricing, promotions, marketing and merchandise
  • For smaller companies, helping to level the playing field with the 'big boys'
  • Providing purchase-critical information on all of your products

How Can We Help You Achieve Sales Driven E-commerce?

Work with our team to define clear achievable goals for your e-commerce site - then implement steps to make these a reality. For example:

  • Optimisation to maximise traffic
  • Optimisation to maximise conversions
  • Optimisation to maximise value per order
  • E-commerce analytics and performance reporting
  • Integrating e-commerce stores / paths with social media
  • Optimising customer service systems
  • Web reputation monitoring and management

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