Search Engine Optimisation

Fine tuning your website for better results in Google and other search engines

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

The object of SEO is to improve your positioning on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) when people conduct searches relevant to your business, product or service.

As Google is the largest search engine, an effective SEO strategy must include developing a good relationship between your site(s) and Google.

For companies with multiple web properties, SEO is about optimising multiple assets including websites, blogs, forums, social media and videos.

How Will My Company Benefit from Search Engine Optimisation?

We don't need to tell you the difference between being found on the first and second page of Google search results. 

But the ultimate aim of search engine optimisation is to deliver maximum return on investment. We use intelligent SEO to do this in 3 ways: 

  • Position your site highly for searches made with the right words, by the right people, and at the right time
  • Position your site highly for searches made by people ready to buy your product or use your service
  • Position your site highly for people who are looking for a website just like yours 

By optimising multiple web properties like Facebook pages, YouTube accounts, Pintrest boards and Twitter profiles, we aim to dominate the search results when your product or brand is searched for using engines like Google. If you own a unique or distinctive brand name, the effects of this can be quite dramatic

How We Can Help You Improve Your Performance in Google and Other Search Engines

Our full service can help you define clear achievable goals for optimising your web properties and implement steps to make these a reality.  For example we can:

  • Research your competitive environment and / or produce one-off SEO audits and reports
  • Develop a holistic SEO strategy that incorporates all your web properties
  • Improve any number of key SEO indicators such as page load speed, navigation structure, authority index and unique content index
  • Optimise on page factors such as metatags, page content and website structure and off page factors like inbound links, content marketing, video marketing and viral promotions
  • Implement keyword analysis / research and content development relating to your product and industry. Highlight keywords with the most potential for return on investment and the highest ratio of relevance to competitiveness
  • Conduct organic search strategy and provide consultation
  • Carry out technical website audits and implement changes
  • Train you to implement the strategy yourself, or implement the strategy for you and report back

Any of these services can be included as part of a service package and most are also available on a stand-alone basis. Please see below for a list of services that include or focus on search engine optimisation..

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For more information please contact Andrea or Paul on 0115 8088303 or message us via the website.

Our office is open 10am - 6pm Monday to Thursday and 10am - 2pm on Friday.

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