Social Media Strategy

Harnessing the power of social media to promote your company and meet business objectives

What is Social Media?

Social media platforms are low-cost tools combining technology and social interaction with the use of words and pictures. They are typically web / mobile based.

With the introduction of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube, it’s clear social media has revolutionised how businesses interact with their target audience.

Since the launch of free social media platforms, digital conversations have exploded. We humans enjoy engaging in conversation, sharing our experiences and voicing our opinions. So it makes perfect sense to take advantage of this for your business. 

How Will My Company Benefit from an Effective Social Media Strategy?

Social media is seen by some as a "touchy-feely" marketing gimmick that produces sparse results, if any. 

That is understandable, but this is NOT the case if it is implemented correctly and consistently over time. An effective social media strategy ensures that all your social media activity works together to provide a healthy return on investment. 

Depending on the size of your company and brand, you can expect a well executed strategy to provide concrete marketing results such as: 

  1. Viral promotion of videos, promotions and other content
  2. Cost effective customer service
  3. Providing an human face for your web presence - proven to boost enquiries, sales and order value
  4. A platform to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise whilst building valuable leads
  5. An effective way to mitigate risk from difficult and / or vocal customers
  6. Cost effective market research, with higher accuracy levels than traditional methods
  7. Winning over brand advocates and encouraging them to spread your message
  8. Significant word-of-mouth benefit from encouraging users to simply talk about your brand, product or service

And yes, it does provide touchy-feely benefits too. These are manifold and include: 

  1. Because of its informality and human touch, social media can be an effective way to spread your message in a world cluttered with advertisements and PR
  2. An opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation with existing clients, potential clients and other target audiences 

If you have an internal blog (built within your website), using social media platforms can really boost your reach – post out regular updates on social media platforms and your followers will come to expect this free, informative advice. In time, this will generate more valuable inbound links to your website.

How We Use Social Media to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Our extensive online marketing expertise means we can help you with the following: 

  • Advice on which social media platforms are best suited to your business
  • Devising a bespoke social media marketing strategy – which you and your staff can easily follow
  • Planning of your social media diary – on-going strategy for months in advance
  • Effective, measurable results from your social media marketing plan
  • Tracking your social media progress – we can show you how to use analytics
  • Creating impressive, professional profile portraits for you and your staff- this is proven to generate more engagement
  • Setting up and branding your social media platforms to consistently match your company brand

Whether you require a review or a bespoke plan, talk to us today to find more on how we can help you to elevate your social media presence.

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