Anonymous Take on The Klan

Martin Hansen-Lennox

Published Thu 20 Nov by Martin Hansen-Lennox in Web News

Activist collective Anonymous has taken out the websites and Twitter accounts of white supremacist group the Ku Klux Klan.

This action is the latest in a string of events following threats by a local chapter of the Klan against protesters in ‪Ferguson, Missouri.

The tensions began during the run-up to a ruling on whether criminal charges will be brought against white police officer, Darren Wilson, who shot and killed unarmed black teenager Michael Brown back in August. This sparked an ongoing series of demonstrations and protests.

The KKK then began a war of intimidation by handing out flyers threatening to use lethal force against protesters supporting prosecution of the white cop. 

‪Anonymous‬ has since released what it claims is the personal data of alleged KKK members in the St Louis area as part of ‪#OpKKK.

The "hacktivists" have taken over Twitter profiles including @KuKluxKlanUSA and @YourKKKCentral as well as launching cyber attacks on sites including and ‪ offline.‬

Over the ‪weekend Twitter account @KuKluxKlanUSA‬ taunted the hacktivists with messages such as “Anonymous is nothing but a bunch of wannabes. They won’t take any action. We will not be brought down by some low-lives behind a screen” and “We are continuing to read Anonymous threats with much amusement. Still no action taken. #Cowards #HoodsON”.

But on Sunday, Anonymous hijacked the account and posted a tweet featuring an image of a lynched Klansman.

In addition, members of Anonymous have been publicly posting social media accounts, photos and other personal information allegedly belonging to KKK members. The hackers have posted the information on Twitter, under the hashtag #HoodsOff, as well on the website

A Twitter user going by the name @AnonyOps said, “I heard three cops got outed. Their twitter was stolen ;)” On Sunday night, some members were scheming on the operation’s chat room about how to send pizzas to a white supremacist’s house.

Gabriella Coleman, a professor at McGill University who recently authored the book Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces of Anonymous, said the operation appears to have been started by a sub-faction of Anonymous’ ongoing “Operation Ferguson” campaign. That campaign began in August as, in part, an effort to publicly name the police officer who shot Brown. #OpKKK, Coleman added, has help from Latin American and Australian members of Anonymous.

In the chat with HuffPost, a person going by the name “Anoniter” said Anonymous' members are cross-referencing “all instances of membership to ascertain true identity ... We use basic information that they provide on their site. We then cross it with other online applications to pinpoint exactly who they are."

“We ensure that no innocent person would be ousted," Anoniter added.

Thomas Robb, the national director of the Knights of the Klu Klux Klan, told HuffPost that he’d had threats against his website, but as of Monday, it was still running. He pointed out that “our membership is kept on computers that don’t have access to the Internet.”

The ‪@KuKluxKlanUSA‬ account still remains under Anonymous control.

Check out the latest here:

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