Anti Piracy Agreement by Google, Microsoft, Mastercard and ISPs

Martin Hansen-Lennox

Published Mon 11 May by Martin Hansen-Lennox in Web News

A broad coalition have signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding online infringement. The agreement will see them working together to defeat piracy, promote legitimate content, and make the Internet a safer place.

The initiative, carried out with the assistance of big brands, advertising companies and payment processors, aims to strangle the finances of "pirate" sites and promote the message that they are unsafe for internet users to visit.  It argues that "pirate" sites are run by criminals, consumers should not support them, and money is best spent with legitimate content providers.

Denmark has become the latest to embrace these ideals via a Memorandum of Understanding - ‘Code to Promote Lawful Behavior on the Internet’ - signed by some of the world’s biggest web players.

Google and Microsoft are the most biggest signatories and the major Hollywood studios make a proxy appearance via anti-piracy group Rights Alliance. Other groups such as broadcasters and cinema companies are also represented. Payment companies including MasterCard and Diners Club are also on board. Local ISPs have signed through the Tele Industrien group.

In essence, the memorandum aims to tackle digital challenges on five key issues.

1. To help make the Internet a safe and legal platform for consumers and businesses.
2. To stress that copyright is an important cornerstone for growth and innovation.
3. To work together to reduce financial crime, based on copyright violations.
4. To work together to promote the dissemination of legal products.
5. To contribute to efficient processes that can help to reduce copyright violations and associated crimes.

As part of the MoU, parties agree not to “finance criminal activities” by offering support of any kind including:

  • giving exposure 
  • providing advertising revenue 
  • payment processing services.

These are broad policies. 

Time will tell how far each signatory will be prepared to go, but the companies involved are the biggest players around and having them all at the same table will be a powerful tool.

Source: TorrentFreak breaking news

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