Fresher & Prosper Client celebrates five year anniversary with Massive Success

Paul Bullock

Published Wed 08 Oct by Paul Bullock in Client News

How Fresher & Prosper helped a client produce the most popular international oil and gas recruitment website online.

Congratulations to oil and gas people. Five years ago the oil and gas industry's most popular job site went live. Fresher & Prospers' client was set up by founder Kevin Forbes who worked in the industry as an HSE contractor. Fresher & Prosper worked alongside Kevin from the beginning and with their expertise and experience helped set up and implement some of the innovative ideas Kevin had for the live job site. The job site giant now has a direct reach to over 1.5 million industry professionals and is utilised by more than 6000 recruiters worldwide.

The job site offers a unique concept that distinguishes it from its competitors: a live snapshot of the current oil and gas workforce and its availability. While other sites become dumping grounds for CVs and Resumés, allows its candidates full control over their profile with the ability to update their status as required. The structured database constructed by Fresher & Prosper means candidate profiles are more searchable by recruiters than any other industry site.

One of the key tools responsible for the rapid growth of is social media. With over 1 million members in their LinkedIn group and over 500,000 interactions on facebook every week, have become a voice for the industry. News has become a large part of the business at and their news items are often broadcast by international media via TV, radio, tabloids and broadsheets.

“ is unique as a job site within the industry not only in that it offers recruiters a LIVE search of the candidate database for free but also that it is independently owned by people who work and understand the industry,” says Martin Hansen-Lennox, founder and director of Fresher & Prosper. “Fresher & Prosper are proud to have been there from the outset, to see the growth and handle the web related technical side of Here's to five years of and many more to come.”

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