Google "Improve" Keyword Matching for Adwords

Published: Wednesday, 16 May 2012 in Industry News.

When people search Google for your products or services, they probably misspell a word every so often - it's easy enough to do, through mistyping or genuine spelling errors.

Google AdWords advertisers have, until now, been required to create ads specifically to target misspelled keywords. We had one Ad Group for "Web Design" and another for "Web Desgin". Now Google has made "improvements" to target these automatically - along with the ability to recognise stemmed variations of words ("send" and "sending"). 

Good News, Bad News

This is probably good news for most advertisers - it saves the time and hassle of setting up numerous Ad Groups to target the various misspellings that may be entered. When a misspelling triggers your keyword, the quality scoring will be based on the correctly spelled keyword, so it won't bring your score down 

The bad news is that the price for misspelled keywords will rise. There wasn't that much competition for "Web Desgin", but now we'll be competing against the correctly spelled versions...  a bit more expensive.

Google Says: 

In mid-May, we're making improvements to our exact and phrase matching options so your ad will be eligible to show when people search for close variants – yes, that includes misspellings – of your keywords. 

In addition to misspellings, other close variants include singular and plural forms, acronyms, stemmings (such as floor and flooring), abbreviations and accents.

With our improved exact matching and phrase matching, you can better target your ads, helping to improve your clicks and impressions.

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