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Project Summary

In just 3 years Oil and Gas People has gone from startup to superstar status. It has become one of the Oil and Gas Industry's leading job sites through its unique marketing strategy - the attraction, retention and attention of high-calibre of candidates.

Setting a new standard in the online recruitment industry and with heavy use of social media, OGP recently won first prize in the 2012 Onrec Awards for Innovative Online Marketing.

F&P have worked closely with Kevin since the website's inception. Together we have developed and implemented many popular innovative features that have kept OGP ahead of the game and attracting the industry's best.

Unprecedented Growth in 3 Years

According to Alexa, an independent web monitor, OGP is already the largest Oil and Gas Job site in the UK and many countries worldwide. Highly targeted LinkedIn groups have over 150,000 members. At the time of writing, it has 3022 recruiting companies and 75,739 candidates signed up.

As Kevin, the owner, rightly states: "No other industry job site can give your positions as much exposure as Oil and Gas People".

Website Objectives Stage 1

It started small. Before founding OGP, Kevin had worked in the oil and gas industry for over a decade.  A heavy user of the standard industry job sites, he was disappointed by the results they produced - but excited at the opportunities for improvement they provided.

He began to build a large database of highly qualified and available candidates, and with the help of F&P developed various systems that enabled recruitment companies to effectively search these and match candidates to current positions.

The result was a comprehensive in-site candidate management system that attracted recruiters from all over the world.  Because candidates are required to update their status every 60 days, OGP soon became the only industry job site to maintain a live and fully structured candidate database. At any given time OGP has approx 60,000 candidates who are live and, more importantly, available for work.

High-calibre candidates are attracted by partnerships with a number of industry leading companies to make OGP a one stop shop for jobs, training, currency exchange, travel, and even insurance services.

Website Stage 2

OGP grew rapidly. Its success brought with it a number of technical challenges, particularly managing and developing a site with consistently high levels of traffic. Being truly international in scope, it's true to say that OGP never sleeps!

Having expanded and developed the website to successfully manage a rapidly growing user-base, the next stage was to roll out a number of innovative features and marketing strategies that would work together in order to promote positions and efficiently provide recruiters with a stream of suitable, available candidates.

A 'jobs toolbar' enables candidates to get the latest live positions directly to their browser. A busy live chat department, free CV reviews and range of highly targeted promotions make OGP a favourite with oil and gas candidates worldwide.

Ongoing search engine optimisation keeps the website top of Google for the industry's most popular search terms (see Live Google Results below).

Integration with Web 3.0

The latest OGP developments allow the website to communicate directly with other sites and applications. Jobs are pushed out automatically via Facebook and targeted LinkedIn groups to a massive audience worldwide. An API allows recruiters to post jobs and search candidates remotely from their company portal or intranet. F&P recently integrated OGP with major job posting applications Broadbean and Logic Melon.

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Kevin Forbes
CEO, Oil and Gas People Ltd.

"What first attracted me was the look and professionalism of the Fresher and Prosper website.

On initial talks with Martin I found him helpful and knowledgeable. He delivered a professional and functional recruitment job site which operated well for anyone in the oil and gas industry. The site was very successful and the business grew exponentially over a period of 24 months and continues to do so.

The site has become very sophisticated and offers a great deal to its users. This year we were very proud to pick up the award for our unique candidate attraction strategies and online marketing form Onrec awards.. We love everything about the sites design and functionality. For the future we intend to grow the business further and will continue to work alongside Martin and his team to achieve this."

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