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Praetorian Services Ltd are based in Basildon Greater London. Corporate and commercial businesses plus defence-related companies make up their target markets.

They provide these businesses with high-end security services such as overt and covert surveillance, close protection, manned guarding, CCTV installation & maintenance, training courses and tracking devices. More recently they have moved into TV consultancy.

Company objectives

Tony wanted Fresher and Prosper to design and build a website that would generate quality business enquiries and act as a shop window to demonstrate their expertise to commercial and defence-related clients. Initially the site provided information on a range of security services but as the company developed this scatter gun approach was focused to direct the company into more specific and specialised niche areas of security.

To summarise, Tony was expanding his company's expertise and needed an on-going web strategy to provide his business with a corporate factual website to attract the right kind of client for his growing business.

Fresher and Prosper Solution

After meeting with Tony face to face we had a clear understanding of his requirements. From this we were able to build Praetorian Services Ltd., a website with that corporate design look Tony wanted to demonstrate his company's expertise.

Longer term we worked alongside Tony advising him on how to market and develop his company and together we devised an on-line plan to implement this. In order to keep the developing marketing strategy in lockstep with the site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy, we liaised with Tony on a monthly basis in order to achieve his target goals.

Another development implemented was a news reel/blog facility. This enables the site to display up to date news and advice which attracts visitors to the site. Tony is now looking to improve this further by including the use social media and networking, which will generate more enquiries.

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This client has consented to being contacted to provide a reference on our behalf.

Anthony Slater
Managing Director

"After doing some research on the Fresher and Prosper website, I then went on to look at the sites they had already built. I liked the professional designs and the easy and simple usability of the websites.

I had contacted other web consultants but found I could not get hold of them and found it an irritation when they didn’t return my call. Martin has given me lots of time, providing me with regular face to face meetings. I can talk to the team on any issue regarding my business, they have great personal interface.

Working with the Fresher and Prosper team has enabled me to piece together the work I do into one package, helping me to focus on certain areas. It has centred my work efforts into a more specialised and bespoke service. I continue to have the support of Fresher and Prosper and find Martin's expertise and advice invaluable.

I like the professional design to my site, it has often been commented on. I particularly like the information boxed on the left hand side of the design."

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