Sheila Ravnkilde


Sheila Ravnkilde is a visual artist. Using colour her abstract minimalist works are mostly large and wall based, the space in which she works has a profound influence on the designs she creates. Sheila exhibits her work nationally.

Web Objectives

In order to reach her target market Sheila wanted a platform to represent her work to her art-specific audience such as administrators, galleries, commissioning bodies, artists networking and studio groups.

Sheila asked us for a simple minimalist website which would not distract from, but enhance, her work. She had specific ideas about how to display her work on the site, requiring an effortless way to show projects, location of exhibitions and larger images for detailed viewing.

It was essential for Sheila to be able to make changes, add new projects and information to her site as needed. She asked us to put in place a suitable content management system to enable her to do this.

F&P Solutions

We listen to Sheila’s requirements and worked with her to produce a website which was very simple and minimalist in design. Importance was placed on being able to see and select the artist’s projects list with thumbnails to demonstrate the work. In each project the thumbnails could be clicked on to show a larger and more detailed image. We felt that Sheila would benefit from a content management system with a high degree of control giving her the scope to make detailed changes as often as she liked.

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Sheila Ravnkilde

"I love the overall simplicity of the site and for the user. I like the accessibility overview of my projects. I have had a lot of positive feedback about the clarity and design of my website.

I have seen an increase in enquiries and have been approached by artist website listings. It has provided a useful source of quick communication and has proven invaluable in many recent applications.

I am very happy with the service Fresher & Prosper have provided. They listen to my requirements and involved me in the planning and design stage. I was able to contact the team for help when adding content to my website and this has been invaluable."

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