Copy, Content & Prose Janet St. Helens


  • Proof reading: Janet will ensure that the content of your website is spelt and punctuated correctly and the grammar is accurate
  • Writing articles that relate to your industry: to your exact specification
  • Engaging with bloggers who relate to your industry
  • Writing original blogs
  • Suggesting possible changes to your text to optimise readability


Janet has worked with F&P for three years.

Her main specialism is copy-writing and blog posts. She has written numerous articles for our websites and has created unique, inventive blog-posts to boost and diversify our clients´ web presence.

After achieving a BA Honours degree in English, Janet went on to complete a Masters in Creative Writing. She then trained to be a college lecturer, specialising in English and functional skills. As well as teaching for ten years, Janet has also worked as a proof-reader on a freelance basis.


"Shoddy text shows shoddy thinking.... and in the mind of potential customers, a shoddy business!"