Code & Web Development Martyn James Talbot


  • Web-development, design + build
  • AutoCAD, 2D designs and 3D modelling
  • Design
  • Database management
  • ArcView GIS (Graphic Information System)


Martyn has has a wealth of experience working with IT as both a user and developer. In 1988 when he implemented a database retrieval system which classified every component part used in the assembly of his employer´s material handling machines.

He has since worked in 2DEngineering, Architectural Metalwork, Local Government, Landscape Architecture, Architecture and worked on projects

  • Engineering - ICI fertiliser weighing and bagging system
  • Architectural Metalwork - National Ice Centre Nottingham
  • Local Government - St Anns Phase 10, Regeneration
  • Landscape Architecture - Forest Recreation Ground New Children´s Play Area
  • Architecture - NGY myplace

Now he concentrates on using his knowledge and skills on website design, build and coaching.


"Life is not fun when you're banging your head against a brick wall."