Our Policies

No fancy mission statements or bureaucratic hot air.

Just a few simple policies that we are genuinely committed to - for business reasons as much as karmic brownie points.

Client Service Policy

As our client, our top priority is your satisfaction, success and peace of mind.

We respect you and take care of you. But we always tell it straight and in plain English.

  • Always get a response within 24 hours
  • Provide all clients with a direct line to a Personal Assistant - a consistent with whom they can
  • Clear and transparent pricing - options, benefits and costs clearly explained in plain English at all times
  • Our clients' success is our success, and nothing else
  • Good value means more than just 'low cost'
  • Honesty, integrity, understanding + clarity are key to successful business relationships

Environmental Policy

We're not prefect, and frankly, we don't always remember.

But all our staff genuinely aim to take the many small steps required to minimise thir impact on the environment and consumption of resources. For example:

  • Use electronic paperwork wherever possible
  • Look for practical ways reduce waste, energy usage and atmospheric emmissions
  • Travel by public transport, walk or cycle where possible
  • Don't print emails unless it's essential

Small Business Development Policy

A thriving small business community lies at the heart of a healthy society - it encourages democracy, a better standard of life and greater consumer choice.  That's why:

  • We offer FREE Online Nurture to any small business
  • We set up the F&P Fund to provide financial support to small business in Nottingham, where, unfortunately, we're based

Staff / Employment Policy

We love and value our staff. Without any single one of them, we could not provide the level of quality and service that we aim for. That's why:

  • Our minimum wage is 33% higher than recommended
  • Our employees are rewarded well for their efforts, regardless of their position or seniority
  • Every month, 10% of all net profits is shared equally among all staff members

For details of our staffing and expertise, please go to our People page.