Web Usability Assessment


Your entire web estate examined in light of your requirements, objectives and priorities. Report includes findings, recommendations and suggestions for development.

Our usability assessment will identify how successful your website is at fulfilling the goals and the needs of your visitors and make recommendations for improving usability and increasing conversions.

Our Web Usability Assessment Gives You

  • Your entire web estate examined in light of your requirements, objectives and priorities
  • Analysis of the core tasks your users will perform on your website and how well they work-  eg. making a purchase in the fewest possible stages
  • Insight into user enjoyment - the feelings your website inspires in others, whether negative or positive
  • Analysis of your website's navigation, to identify how easy it is for users to find their way - this covers site maps, link structure, search boxes and categorisation. Having sound navigation boosts conversions
  • A readability assessment of your website including layout, font, tone of voice and accuracy
  • We measure the time to load your web pages, identifying what delays the page display eg. large images - to prevent user frustration (and dreaded click-backs)
  • Ways to improve the visibility, convenience and functionality of your calls to action
  • A comprehensive analysis of how accessible your website is for users who have disabilities
  • Insight into how your website behaves on varying browsers and devices

Our reports are comprehensive and written in clear language, with jargon at an absolute minimum, ensuring you get the most out of our expert advice.

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