Promoting Web Excellence

Throughout our training and development work, we promote technical and design standards that make websites better for business owners and visitors alike.

Better for Visitors

An excellent website makes browsing a pleasurable and rewarding experience. 

High technical and design standards ensure that your website is friendly to all users - regardless of platform, browser or use of assistive devices.

Better for Business Owners

An excellent website is an effective business tool. 

It attracts and communicates effectively with your target market. It is easy to use with clear, intuitive navigation. It gently guides visitors along profitable paths to meet precisely defined objectives.

Web Standards

There are many standards applied across the web, and much debate over which should be applied and when. However, the web is constantly changing and evolving - what's right today may be wrong tomorrow. Add typical business pressures such as limited financial resources, design constraints and project delivery deadlines. The end result? 

Despite technically competent and well meaning designers, a significant percentage of web properties are badly designed, difficult to use or fail to meet basic business guidelines that are well established in most other mediums.

How We Promote Web Excellence

  • Throughout our training programmes and web development work, we promote practical techniques to improve usability and adhere to proven technical and design standards
  • All our development work is preceded by a pre-design evaluation to ensure  client's requirements, objectives and priorities are met
  • We always test to ensure compatibility on the most popular browsers, platforms and devices
  • We favour backward compatibility and progressive enhancement.  While we love some of the cool features made available by the latest web browsers, we ensure our websites work equally well if your visitors are stuck with older browsers / computers

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