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Guided by the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement, our unique regular service provides you with everything you need to succeed online - consultancy, support and a service allowance to be used as you wish.

Expert Advice. Regular Service. Continuous Improvement.

The Web Kaizen regular service package will nourish your presence online and ensure that your company shows healthy growth - month after month after month.

Developed entirely around your requirements and objectives, our research will inform a 3 / 6 month recommended schedule for your company. This can include website development, search engine optimisation, graphic design, software training or any of our service range.

Kaizen clients also get access to our support line for instant advice and guidance on all things web.

FREE 30 Day Trial

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We're currently offering a 30 day free trial of our Web Kaizen service, so that you can experience the benefits before paying a penny.

This is a genuine free trial and no payment details are required.

We're confident that once you've experienced the benefits of our service, you'll see the value that one of our regular packages would add to your business (from £99 / month)

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Kaizen - The Japanese Way of Continuous Improvement

Kaizen (改善), Japanese for "continuous improvement", or "change for the better" refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering and business management. read more

We work together to apply this philosophy to your company's web presence - allowing your company to continually improve and show healthy growth year upon year.

Experience Benefits in Just 30 Days:

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  • Learn more about your target markets online, where they hang out and what makes them tick
  • Understand more about the wealth of information provided by Google Analytics™, AdWords™, Places™ and Webmaster Tools™
  • Learn how to find the best key words / phrases to be targeting in search engines like Google
  • Start using Social Media more effectively - to generate enquiries / customers / clients

To take advantage of our trial, please complete this short form online, or book an appointment at our Nottingham office.