Moving Forward

What's hot and what's not? What's faddy and what's the daddy?

And will anybody still be using Facebook in 5 year's time?  (Hint: Probably)

Mobile Devices

iPhones and SmartPhones are becoming increasingly common ways of accessing the net (though nowhere near as much as their manufacturers and the media would have us believe).

Becoming 'iPhone Friendly' will continue to be a requirement for any growing business in these times. Javascript frameworks like JQuery are taking over from Flash in applications and mobile websites.

Web 2.0 and 3.0

Ever heard of web 2.0?

It refers to user interaction with websites - which in recent times has created an endless stream of content on forums and social sites such as Facebook.

The next big thing will be web 3.0. This is essentially the interaction of your website with other websites and applications.

For example the job you posted on your company website automatically appears on your Facebook page with a Like button, gets tweeted (on your Twitter account of course) and becomes live on hundreds of other job-board websites simultaneously. It's not hard to see how this automated distribution of content could be put to good use for many businesses, large and small.

Web 3.0 is already well underway. As it develops, there will be an increasing number of applications and services designed to help distribute your "stuff" in more efficient and targeted ways. Plan on distributing press releases, job vacancies, customer reviews and any promotions that you run.


The SEO landscape is ever changing. Google's mission is to present searchers with useful and relevant websites and content. In-house and subcontracted SEO experts will continue to experiment and draw conclusions about what gets your website high in the engines for your chosen keywords/phrases.

Perhaps suprisingly, our advice is not to worry about it (too much)!

If your company and website continue to provide a genuinely valuable service to your customers or clients, there will always be people looking for you. If your product or service is better than average (which let's be honest, is not hard), then people will be searching you out. And if they want to find you that badly, Google will find a way to serve you up.

QR Codes

QR Codes + Mighty Aps

You're in a bar. Ready to leave? Pick up the flyer and scan the code to trigger an ap on your iPhone... checks your current location and sends this , along with your home address, to the best value taxi firm in the area...

...who have been chosen as the best option for you, by a smart algorhythm that takes into account location and price and quality of customer reviews.

Standing for Quick Response, QR codes refer to the square e-barcodes that can be scanned with iPhones and SmartPhones.

More often than not they are used to take you to a website page, but they have a whole host of other uses. They can be used to log your location, send prefilled text messages, enter competitions and much more.

Technically speaking, they're not particularly clever! They are no more advanced than the barcodes you see on the side of baked bean tins.

Nevertheless, they've cornered a niche in the iPhone age and we predict a rapid rise in the use of QR codes in all the above areas and more.

Delighted Customers

Let's face it you don't want to be one of the crowd, you want to stand out, be the best in your field, generate more sales and be smarter about doing business on-line..... isn't that what your customers expect?

Do you want value for money, to be treated to a bespoke service and to come away feeling satisfied with lots of goodies in your bag..... Isn't that what your customers want too?

Whatever opportunities the latest technology provides, nothing will ever beat the promotional power of truly delighted customers.

And that philosophy is future proof.

How F&P Can Help You

At Fresher & Prosper you can count on our expertise and resources to take you forward into the future with your best feet forward. Clients get regular advice and updates on the latest technologies - which to follow, which to avoid, and how they can be used to help their business succeed online.

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